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Growth remedy: Accelerating drug performance by prioritising patient opportunities

Blog / 13 June 2016 / Joaquim Nascimento

In this article, Joaquim Nascimento discusses a three-step process to identify and prioritise initiatives to improve drug sales…

To float or not to float

To float or not to float?

Issue 6 2015 / 6 January 2016 / Sue Staunton, James Cowper Kreston

For many years, global markets had focused their attention on traditional sectors such as natural resources rather than on life science companies, so initial public offerings (IPOs) for such companies were uncommon. The past few years have, however, seen a sea-change and life science companies – from biotech to medical devices firms – have come very much back into favour as the must-have stocks; with opportunities for significant upsides. The turnaround started in 2013; the markets began to pick up that year and 66 life science IPOs were completed globally. By 2014, there were an extraordinary 133 life sciences companies completing IPOs, raising some $11 billion…

Turkey: A rising star in the pharmaceutical industry

Issue 1 2015 / 10 March 2015 / Özge Atılgan Karakulak and Zeynep Koray, Gün + Partners

You are waiting in line, trying to decipher several different languages spoken around you: English, Dutch, German, Arabic, French… This scene is not from an airport but rather from a Turkish hospital: thousands of foreigners, communicating through translators, visit healthcare institutions every day and numbers are increasing exponentially; in the first six months of 2014, 162,445 medical tourists visited Turkey. This is only one of the results of the Health Transformation Project (HTP), inaugurated by the Turkish Ministry of Health in January 2003. The Project, aiming ultimately to enact universal health coverage and to raise the quality of life of Turkish citizens, has brought major reforms in the organisation of, and access to, healthcare services. This article will chart some of the changes that have recently occurred in the Turkish healthcare market, before focusing on developments in the rapidly growing pharmaceutical sector. We will also suggest solutions to some of the challenges facing the bustling Turkish market…

PharmaChemical Ireland launch innovation and excellence strategy in New York

Issue 6 2010 / 16 December 2010 / Matt Moran, Director, PharmaChemical Ireland

PharmaChemical Ireland published a major strategy document in March 2010. The document, titled, ‘Innovation and Excellence-PharmaChemical Ireland Strategic Plan’ was launched at the Drug Chemical and Allied Technologies (DCAT) meeting at the Waldorf Astoria, New York City on 16 March 2010. The document outlines the industry response to the major challenges being faced by the global industry.

Cellular Imaging & Analysis Business Unit

Issue 4 2009, Past issues / 30 July 2009 /

Mark Collins from Thermo Fisher Scientific, who provide analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents, talks to us about current developments and future changes.

Addressing unmet needs

Issue 3 2009, Past issues / 29 May 2009 /

Joydeep Goswami from Invitrogen, who provide essential life science technologies for disease research, drug discovery, and commercial bioproduction, talks to us about current and future developments at the company.

Industry Insight: An interview with Søren Morgenthaler Echwald

Issue 4 2008, Past issues / 2 August 2008 /

European Pharmaceutical Review speaks to Søren Morgenthaler Echwald, Vice President of Business Development at Exiqon regarding new developments in microRNA.

Industry Insight: Exceeding innovation excellence

Issue 4 2008, Past issues / 2 August 2008 /

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of products, solutions, and services to the Life Sciences sector, ABB is uniquely positioned to meet the current and future business and regulatory needs of the Life Sciences industry including Pharmaceuticals, Biopharma, and Biomedical. Every aspect of ABB services have been designed to improve manufacturing competitiveness and enable Operational Excellence through continuous improvement, while minimising total cost of ownership. Michael Heatherman, Centre of Excellence (COE) Life Sciences Manager at ABB, took time out of his hectic schedule to catch up with European Pharmaceutical Review, and discuss the latest in their award winning innovation, strategy and the power of real-time data.

Industry Insight: United they stand

Issue 2 2007, Past issues / 27 March 2007 / EPR

Late last year, Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific merged to become Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., the world leader in serving science. European Pharmaceutical Review spoke to Marc Casper, vice president of Thermo Fisher Scientific and president of its analytical technologies group to discover the impact this has had on the industry.

Industry Insight: The measure of success

Issue 6 2006, Past issues / 28 November 2006 / EPR

“Getting to results faster and with higher data quality are challenges for major techniques, especially separation techniques such as LC and LC/MS.” explains Jaquemar. “Equally, solutions for secure information management are rapidly gaining in importance.”

Quality through collaboration

Issue 2 2006, Past issues / 24 March 2006 / EPR

Marc Casper, Senior Vice President, Thermo Electron Corp., believes there are exciting times ahead for R&D and that collaborations will speed the development of the tools required. Tim Lloyd found out more.


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