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Stem cells

Why stem cells don’t just want to make neurons

Industry news, News / 1 April 2011 / BBSRC

Research being presented that explains why it can be so hard to produce large numbers of the same type of cell in the lab…

Calorimetry for polymorph detection

Issue 2 2007, Past issues / 27 March 2007 / Simon Gaisford PhD., School of Pharmacy, University of London and Michael AA O’Neill PhD., Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Bath

Characterising the properties of a material, understanding how these properties change in relation to local environment and quantifying potential interactions with other species are facets central to any drug development programme. Not understanding and, more importantly, not controlling these factors can have serious consequences for a pharmaceutical, from irreproducible processing to poor bioavailability, product instability and, worse, patentability. Properties that may be characterised include solubility, dissolution rate, stability (in combination with other excipients and as a function of relative humidity and temperature) and per cent crystallinity (or amorphous content).


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