European Pharmaceutical Review Issue 3 2021

In this journal, features on the current regulatory positions on nitrosamine impurities, how investing in off-patent medicines can help drive innovation and why new regulations could lead to a biosimilar boom in the UK. Other articles include an exploration of the challenges in developing and delivering lipid nanoparticle mRNA-based vaccines, how software can be used to improve pharma development output and so much more…

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Issue 3 also features:

    O-glycan analysis of therapeutic proteins enabled by O-glycoprotease
    Xiaofeng Shi, Saulius Vainauskas and Christopher H Taron, New England Biolabs (NEB)
  • NMR
    Solid- and Liquid-State NMR for monitoring of polysaccharide antigen in the manufacturing process
    Francesco Berti, GSK Vaccines
    The role of digital transformation in achieving Pharma 4.0
    Saly Romero-Torres, Thermo Fisher Scientific

This issue also includes our Application Note Supplement 2021:

  • Software that makes Data Integrity Compliance visible: Shimadzu LabSolutions database (DB) or client/server software (CS) combining reliability and productivity
  • The Monocyte Activation Assay: The benefits of an animal-free test to show pyrogen-free pharmaceutical products
    Nelson Labs
  • From our platforms to your pen injector

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