Manufacturing, Packaging & Logistics In-Depth Focus 2021

In this in-depth focus, find out about the key points to consider when implementing new software in the pharma development space and the current positions of the EMA and FDA with regards to nitrosamine contaminants.

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    • Using software to improve data management and output in pharma development
      The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed various issues with the software and data processes employed in the pharmaceutical industry and spurred rapid digital transformation at a rate never before seen in the sector. In this article, Jordan Stobaugh, Principal Research Scientist at AbbVie, discusses how software can improve data management and the key points to consider when looking to implement new data technology.
    • Nitrosamines: the latest position
      Timelines for assessing the potential for contamination of medicinal compounds with nitrosamines have been revised. Here, Dave Elder explains the EMA’s and FDA’s positions and the likely scenarios to be encountered.