Formulation, Development & Delivery In-Depth Focus 2021

Featured in this in-depth focus: why improving dosing accuracy with infusion pumps requires users to have a better understanding of the equipment and how nanomedicines could be instrumental in improving skin and nail diseases.

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    • Improving infusion dosing accuracy for patient safety
      Infusion is the most used technology in hospitals. Given its widespread application, often in critical situations and by many users, infusion errors are frequently made, with some having severe effects. Here, Emmelyn Graham, Flow Measurement Engineer at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, and Elsa Batista, Head of Volume and Flow Laboratory at the Portuguese Institute for Quality (IPQ), explain the pressing need to prevent these adverse incidents by facilitating better understanding of the equipment for users.
    • Improvements in skin and nail drug delivery using nano formulations
      It might be easy to dismiss non-life-threatening diseases of the skin or nail as trivial, but their impact on physical and mental wellbeing can be significant. Such diseases are obvious targets for topical treatments, but the lack of effective formulations means patients are often faced with the prospect of oral medication – sometimes with troubling side effects. New developments in the field of nanomedicines could hold the key to improving patient wellbeing worldwide. Here, Dave Edwards and Dave Cook discuss the challenges of treating skin and nail diseases, and how nanotechnology could be the future of dermal drug delivery.