QA/QC Microbiology & Chromatography In-Depth Focus 2021

Articles featured in this in-depth focus discuss how the global chromatography systems market will evolve post-COVID-19 and how SIMCA® was used to automate chromatography column Transition Analysis.

IDF Microbiology & Chromatography
  • The way ahead for chromatography systems after the pandemic
    The outbreak of coronavirus has had an extraordinarily positive impact on the global chromatography systems market. This article explores the expected surge in demand for chromatography systems post‑pandemic and the future potential of the market.
  • Real-time Transition Analysis curve in column chromatography with SIMCA®
    Transition Analysis (TA) is a method traditionally used to evaluate the condition and integrity of a chromatography column. However, this method generally requires conducting complex data post‑processing and calculations, which are hard to automate and to run in real time as the manufacturing process is occurring. Thus, completing the TA offline leads to time-consuming efforts that may delay the subsequent manufacturing operations. Colleagues from Amgen Manufacturing Limited developed an automated method using SIMCA® and SIMCA®-online to compute the TA curve in real time, allowing them to monitor and verify the condition of their column chromatography steps with limited operator input and no impact on manufacturing rate.

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