Issue #1 2014 – Digital edition

Posted: 11 April 2014 |

In Issue #1 2014: Raman Spectroscopy in-depth focus, Ingredients, LIMS, Kinase, Near Infrared in-depth focus, RNA, Microbiology…

European Pharmaceutical Review - Issue 1 2014
  • Foreword: ICH M7 Mutagenic impurities: A critical evaluation David Elder, GlaxoSmithKline & JPAG
  • Ingredients: Excipient selection in biologics and vaccines formulation development M. Babu Medi & Ramesh Chintala, Vaccine Drug Product Development, Merck & Co, Inc, and Akhilesh Bhambhani, Novel Adjuvants, Formulation and Delivery Technologies, Merck & Co, Inc.
  • LIMS: Mitigating the common pitfalls of a LIMS implementation Cindy Novak-DeLaurell, Systems Application Consultant, Allergan
  • Raman Spectroscopy: The problems and solutions to sub-sampling and data analysis Sara J. Fraser and Keith C. Gordon, Department of Chemistry and MacDiarmid Institute, University of Otago
  • Raman Spectroscopy: Conformational state analysis of proteins by Raman spectroscopy: univariate and multivariate methods Sigrid Pieters, Yvan Vander Heyden and Thomas De Beer
  • Kinase: Can mTOR kinase inhibitors beat rapalogues in fighting against cancer? Shi-Yong Sun, Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Emory University School of Medicine and Winship Cancer Institute
  • Near Infrared: Applicability and new developments Johannes G. Khinast and colleagues, Institute for Process and Particle Engineering, Graz University of Technology
  • Near Infrared: In-line biopharmaceutical Chinese Hamster Ovary cell culture monitoring Matthieu Clavaud & Yves Roggo, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
  • RNA: Converting imaging-based cell biology to high-throughput biology Juha K. Rantala, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health and Science University
  • Microbiology: Fungal contamination of pharmaceutical products: a growing menace Tim Sandle, Pharmaceutical Microbiology Interest Group (Pharmig)
  • Under the microscope: Bree Allen, Vice President and General Manager, Rigaku Raman Technologies

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