Issue #3 2015 – Digital edition

Posted: 3 July 2015 |

In Issue #3 2015: Regulatory Insight, Microfluidics, PCR in-depth focus, Drug Delivery, Content Uniformity, HPLC, Microbiology in-depth focus, NMR, PAT and much more…

European Pharmaceutical Review - Issue 3 2015
  • FOREWORD: Drugs shortages are finally being addressed
    David Elder, GlaxoSmithKline and JPAG
  • REGULATORY INSIGHT: Transforming health technology assessment – the NICE perspective
    Sir Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
  • MICROFLUIDICS: Lab-on-a-chip cell culture for metabolomics
    Laura A. Filla and James L. Edwards, Saint Louis University
    Featuring articles by Mikael Kubista, TATAA Biocenter, and Catherine Mowbray, Alison Howard and Barry H. Hirst, Newcastle University
  • DRUG DELIVERY SERIES: Polyelectrolyte complexes as nanoparticulate drug delivery systems
    Anita Umerska, University of Angers and Lidia Tajber, Trinity College Dublin
  • CONTENT UNIFORMITY: Revolutionising Raman with the transmission technique
    Julien Villaumié and Hilary Jeffreys, Actavis
  • HPLC: Universal detection in high performance liquid chromatography
    David P. Elder, Phil Borman and George Okafo, GlaxoSmithKline
    Featuring articles from Mostafa Eissa, Hikma pharmaceutical company and James Drinkwater, Chairman, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sciences Society, who is also the moderator of a Roundtable on this topic
  • NMR: Fast quantitative 2D NMR for quantifying analytes in complex mixtures
    Patrick Giraudeau, University of Nantes
  • PAT SERIES: Applicability of process analytical tools to bioprocessing trends
    Payal Roychoudhury, PhD, formerly AstraZeneca

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