Issue #1 2016 – Digital edition

Posted: 29 February 2016 | | 2 comments

In Issue #1 2016: Regulation, Drug Delivery, Raman, PAT, Formulation, NIR, Microbiology, and much more…

European Pharmaceutical Review - Issue 1 2016
  • FOREWORD: The evolving pharmacopoeia
    David Elder, GlaxoSmithKline and JPAG
  • REGULATORY INSIGHT: Four trends that will transform healthcare in Europe in 2016
    Warren Hochfeld, Jenna Riffell and Neil Levinson, Kaiser Associates
  • DRUG DELIVERY: The role of drug transporters at the blood brain barrier
    Jasminder Sahi and Yi Li, Sanofi R&D
    With articles from Nikolaos Scoutaris, University of Greenwich, Ye Ying, Shanghai Normal University, Anna Łuczak, Bristol Myers Squibb and Zafar Iqbal, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Turn to page 32 for a Raman roundtable
  • PAT SERIES: The application of skip-testing to drug substance manufacture
    Phil Borman, Simon Bate and Keith Freebairn, GlaxoSmithKline
  • FORMULATION: Dissolution testing in the modern world
    Juliet Symonds and David Elder, GlaxoSmithKline
    Featuring contributions from Jian X. Wu and José Manuel Amigo, University of Copenhagen, Manel Bautista, Novartis Pharma AG, and Menghuan Li and Yanli Zhao, Nanyang Technological University. An NIR Q&A can be found on page 56
  • MICROBIOLOGY SERIES: The challenges of risk-based environmental monitoring in sterile product filling
    James L. Drinkwater, Chairman, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sciences Society

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