21st Anniversary Supplement

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European Pharmaceutical Review has brought you the most up-to-date and relevant pharmaceutical science for the past 21 years. This anniversary supplement brings you a selection of topical views from across the industry, reviewing progress over that time, as well as looking to the future.

21st anniversary edition

To celebrate 21 years since the launch of European Pharmaceutical Review we present 21 interviews with some of the leading lights from across the pharmaceutical industry. We have interviewed top manufacturers, major CMOs and CDMOs, key suppliers and important associations to gain their opinions on the landmark events of the past 21 years, and to get their insights into key developments that are likely to shape the industry going forward. Do their thoughts chime with yours, and how do opinions and reactions vary across the sector?

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Pfizer: Concentrating on core areas to improve lives

Pfizer company logoBeatriz Faro, Regional President, Internal Medicine International, Pfizer

For Pfizer, putting patients first guides its actions, informs its strategic decisions and unifies colleagues in every region and function across the company. Beatriz Faro, Regional President, Internal Medicine, International Developed Markets at Pfizer, explains how the company’s philosophy is taking the business forward…

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Sanofi: Unravelling the complex, together

Sanofi Europe logoMarc-Antoine Lucchini, SVP Diabetes and Cardiovascular Europe and Coordinator, Sanofi Europe

Sanofi has long been at the forefront of the drive to find new, innovative solutions for patients in different therapeutic areas, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases or rare diseases. Marc-Antoine Lucchini, SVP Diabetes and Cardiovascular Europe and Coordinator, Sanofi Europe, discusses some of the company’s achievements…

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Allergan: Living bold and doing what’s right

Allergan logoMarc Princen, Executive Vice President and President, Allergan International

Marc Princen explains how Allergan’s novel ethos and innovative approach makes it stand out from the crowd…

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Boehringer Ingelheim: Achievements to be proud of

Boehringer IngelheimAllan Hillgrove, Member of the Board of Managing Directors with responsibility for the Human Pharma Business Unit, Boehringer Ingelheim

Allan Hillgrove tells EPR about some of his company’s achievements that he is most proud of, and describes how it will face the digital challenge…

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How Mylan is meeting challenges in sustainability

Mylan Europe logoJacek Glinka, President, Mylan Europe

Mylan works with industry associations and key stakeholders to improve sustainability of the healthcare system. Jacek Glinka, President, Mylan Europe, explains how…

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Servier: Bringing innovation to patients

Servier logoOlivier Laureau, CEO of Servier and President of the Fondation Internationale de Recherche Servier

Two years ago, Servier launched an ambitious programme of transformation to adapt to the new reality of the pharmaceutical industry. Olivier Laureau explains the initiative…

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Kyowa Kirin: Creating opportunities from challenges

Kyowa KirinDr Masashi Miyamoto, Director of the Board, Managing Executive Officer, Director of Corporate Strategy & Planning Department at Kyowa Hakko Kirin

Dr Masashi Miyamoto explains his company’s five-year mid-term plan (2016-2020) to become a global specialty pharmaceutical company, and other significant initiatives…

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Personalised medicine and partnering – key areas for Ferring

Ferring PharmaceuticalsMichel Pettigrew, President of the Executive Board and Chief Operating Officer at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Michel Pettigrew explains how his company’s decentralised model and focus on entrepreneurialism is helping it to deliver personalised medicine…

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How pharma operations in Europe have changed in the last 25 years

ISPE logoJohn E Bournas, President and CEO, International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE)

Twenty five years ago, the European Community took a major step toward political and economic union by adopting the Treaty of Maastricht. The Treaty created the European Union (EU), paving the way for closer economic ties within the Union through the free movement of goods between member states. This opening up of markets has had a major impact on the production landscape of pharma manufacturing sites in Europe. John E Bournas explains…

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Rapid testing methods: the cost-effective safety solution

Wickham Laboratories logoDr Lynn Murdoch, Business Manager, Microbiology, Wickham Laboratories

When thinking about the future of the pharmaceutical sector, it can be difficult to pinpoint a specific focus as there are a wide range of challenges that come into consideration across all stages of development and manufacturing. Dr Lynne Murdoch considers some key points…

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A complete set of capabilities across the entire drug continuum

AMRI logoWilliam S Marth, President and Chief Executive Officer, AMRI (Albany Molecular Research Inc)

Since 2014, AMRI has significantly expanded its service and product range through several acquisitions. Today, it has more than 3,100 employees at 27 locations in the US, UK, Europe and Asia, and it continues to seek new opportunities in areas of complex science. William S Marth highlights key innovations…

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Continuous evolution and reinvention in biopharma

Lonza logoAndreas Weiler, Business Unit Head for Emerging Technologies, and Fatma Senkesen, Marketing Intelligence Associate Director, Lonza

Andreas Weiler and Fatma Senkesen explain how their company has kept in step with industry developments…

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Strong partnership environment heralds success in pharma

Catalent logoWill Downie, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Catalent

Catalent believes it is essential to share knowledge and experience to improve understanding of drug formulation and delivery challenges and contribute jointly to finding solutions. Will Downie explains how his company makes a success of this strategy…

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Driving growth in emerging markets

Recipharm logoMark Quick, Executive Vice-president, Corporate Development, Recipharm

Mark Quick explains how his company has set about becoming a best-in-class provider of contract development and manufacturing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry…

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Looking back, looking forward

PDA logoRichard M Johnson, President/CEO, Parenteral Drug Association

The pharmaceutical industry has seen a lot of change in the last 21 years. In 1996 the internet was relatively new and limited to computer access, mobile devices were bulky and expensive, and security concerns were primarily physical. Similarly, a lot has changed with regards to business, manufacturing and regulation, and Richard M Johnson shares his perspective on these developments…

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The future of bioanalysis with microchip chromatography

PharmafluidicsJohan Devenyns, CEO, PharmaFluidics

Much rests on the further development of bioanalytical technologies which allow the highest level of sensitivity on small samples, and robust, high reproducibility across large populations. Johan Devenyns explains further…

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A consistent focus on customers and their challenges

Agilent Technologies logoTiffani Manolis, Director, Global Pharma Segment Marketing, Agilent Technologies

Tiffani Manolis, Director explains how her company’s solutions and portfolio have evolved with the pharma industry…

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Comprehensive solutions from a single source

Bosch logoChristian Treitel, Director Strategy and Business Development, Robert Bosch Packaging Technology

The pharma sector has changed over the past 21 years, with the growth of small and large molecule drug development and the greater requirement of technology. Christian Treitel gives his insight into the ever-evolving changes and challenges of the industry, and details how Bosch is reacting to them…

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The company that never stops inventing

3M logoSilvia Perez, President and General Manager of the Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) Division of 3M

3M’s inventions have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world since 1902. Silvia Perez highlights some of her company’s recent innovations…

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Providing the tools and solutions

Thermo Fisher Scientific logoDr John Rontree, Senior Director of Marketing, Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals, Thermo Fisher Scientific

By combining Patheon’s capabilities in drug development and manufacturing with its clinical trials packaging and logistics expertise, Thermo Fisher will be able to provide an end-to-end solution for its biopharma customers. Dr John Rontree discusses his company’s plans…

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Is the pharmaceutical industry good at innovation?

BPOG logoSimon Chalk, Director, BPOG

The prevailing view would perhaps be that the industry is not good at innovation, because it is conservative and risk averse. Simon Chalk shares his own views…

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