Lonza launches next generation GS Gene Expression System™

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Lonza, a world leader in gene expression and biopharmaceutical development of protein therapeutics, announced today the launch of the new GS Xceed™ Gene Expression System.

This is the latest generation of Lonza’s world renowned GS System™, which has already been used to create over 100 high producing cell lines and 13 therapeutic drugs currently on the market. The GS Xceed™ System has been shown to reduce cell line development timelines by up to 6 weeks over the existing CHOK1SV based system and has achieved titers of up to 6 g/L. Both emerging and established companies with protein therapeutics in their pipeline can access this new system by either a Research Evaluation Agreement or a Commercial License. The new system is also available worldwide, allowing multinational companies global access to the system in all pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.

“We are very pleased to offer our global customers a robust, easy to use, next generation expression system, based on the proven GS technology that has become the industry standard,” said Janet White, Head of Lonza Development Services. “Our new GS Xceed™ Gene Expression System allows our customers to significantly reduce their timelines for the generation of clinical supply material while continuing to achieve titers well above industry standards.”

The key element of the new system is the CHOK1SV GS Knock-out host cell line, which is a derivative of Lonza’s suspension adapted CHOK1SV host cell line in which both alleles of the endogenous glutamine synthetase gene have been “knocked out”. Cell lines are selected in Lonza’s Version 8 (v8) Commercial Platform Process which allows for faster future scale-up into a GMP manufacturing system. Successful cell line construction, selection and development are on the critical path to achieving first in human studies. By shortening the development timeline by up to 6 weeks, customers gain a significant advantage in their product development lifecycle. The complete GS Xceed System™ includes, cGMP banked CHOK1SV GS-KO host cells, GS expression vectors, full protocols, access to Lonza’s latest Commercial Platform Production Process (chemically defined, animal component-free media and feeds system) and access to Lonza’s GS technical team. For more information on the new GS Xceed™ System, please visit us at

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