Pharmapack Awards 2024 entries open

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Entries are open for the Pharmapack Awards 2024, which aims to showcase innovations in global drug delivery and packaging.

Pharmapack Awards 2024 entries open

CPHI’s Pharmapack Awards 2024 are open for submissions. Two new categories and eight prizes in total are divided into two separate streams: Exhibitor Innovation Awards and the Health Product Awards.

The Pharmapack Awards 2024 (January 24-25 2024) will be held during the event’s opening day. CPHI’s awards provide insight into the industry’s latest developments and innovations that will influence global drug delivery and packaging in the year ahead.

The Exhibitor Innovation Awards celebrate ‘new concepts in packaging materials, including primary or secondary packaging, cool chain and logistics, start-ups, and drug delivery solutions’.

Tara Dougal, Content Director of Pharma at Informa explained that each category in 2024 Exhibitor Awards “requires an implicit sustainability focus, we hope to encourage pharma companies and product developers to consider sustainability and environmental impact at each stage of the development process”.

In keeping with the wider trend in Pharma, the Exhibitor Innovation Awards will no longer include one dedicated sustainability category.

Instead, it is expected that entries in all categories have embedded sustainability metrics to recognise the rising importance of sustainability in product design and innovation.

This award is open to entries from products or services in either the proof of concept or prototype stage with a timeline for launch until the end of 2026. All applicants must now demonstrate a tangible reduction in environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The two new exhibitor categories for 2024: The Start-Up Innovation Award is introduced to reflect the exhibitors in the new and improved Start-Up Hub, and the Packaging Partners, Technology and Equipment Award, is in recognition of the new Contract Packaging Zone.

The five categories are:

  • Drug Delivery Innovation, Packaging Innovation, Packaging Partners, Technology and Equipment, Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution and Start-Up Innovation Award.

The Health Product Awards are open to the entire global packaging and drug delivery industry.

The three award categories for the Health Product Awards 2024 are:

  • Patient-Centric Design Award
  • Eco-Design Award
  • Animal Health.

“One of our big goals in 2024 is to ensure the awards are at the heart of growth and innovation in drug delivery and packaging,” noted Dougal.

The Exhibitor Innovation Awards are only open to exhibitors at the 2024 event. Entries for the Start-Up Innovation category must also be participants of the Pharmapack Europe Start-Up Hub.

The deadline for submissions is the 31 August 2023.

Read the guidelines for entry here.

Credit: Pharmapack Europe/CPHI