World’s largest lutetium-177 production site opens

The new German facility has Industry 4.0 capabilities and will produce radionuclides to help meet the rising demand for radiopharmaceuticals.

World’s largest lutetium-177 production site opens

A new therapeutic radionuclide facility, the world’s largest production site of lutetium-177, has opened in Germany. ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE (ITM)’s manufacturing plant in Neufahrn near Munich will produce the innovative medical isotope for targeted cancer therapies.

“Radiopharmaceuticals are an essential new class of anti-cancer drugs that have the potential to improve therapy outcomes and quality of life for many patients. ITM’s additional production site is an important contribution to medical research and drug supply for patients in Germany and worldwide,” shared Udo J. Vetter, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE (ITM) and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Vetter Pharma.

Industry 4.0 radiopharmaceuticals

[The new production site] will operate at an industry 4.0 technical level”

The new production site, which covers around 7,000 square metres, will operate at an industry 4.0 technical level. A high degree of automation will be implemented in the production process and internal logistics.

The new site has clean rooms, laboratories and offices that can be used by up to 200 employees for research as well as radiopharmaceutical manufacturing and aseptic production with the highest quality standards.

Steffen Schuster, the CEO of ITM noted that the region where the facility is based, in addition to the established logistics network “will enable the fastest possible delivery of high-quality radioisotopes to anywhere in the world.” The direct connection to Munich Airport will therefore enable the prompt dispatch of therapeutic isotopes with short half-lives and radiopharmaceuticals worldwide.

Germany’s new therapeutic radionuclide facility

Once the fully operational, production capacity for ITM will increase tenfold. This will help the company meet the rapidly rising demand for radiopharmaceuticals worldwide.

ITM will operate the new radionuclide facility at NOVA Neufahrn industrial park in addition to its existing manufacturing facility at the main site in Garching near Munich.

The first test runs of the radionuclide facility are planned to start in the next few months. Final official approvals expected in the coming year.

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