Michael Cann picks up the reins at the BGMA

Posted: 26 May 2010 | | No comments yet

Michael Cann, Director Generics at Actavis, took over as Chairman of the BGMA at the Association’s AGM in London on 26 May. He replaces Kim Innes of Teva, who will serve as Vice Chair for a year.

Michael Cann said:

“It’s an honour to take over as Chairman of the BGMA at a time when the industry’s ability to reduce costs to the NHS through providing high quality, low cost alternatives to branded medicines is so important for patients and the country as a whole.

Our contribution is more than people realise. It’s not just about reducing the drugs bill—though we provide two thirds of the NHS’s medicines at a fifth of the overall medicines cost. Generic competition also acts as a strong incentive for the research based industry to develop much needed, new, truly innovative medicines; and the security of supply of medicines to patients is enhanced when many manufacturers market the same product.

Of course, along with everyone in the medicines supply chain, the generic industry is under continuing pressure to do more for less. It’s crucially important that we do not kill the goose that laid the golden egg by trying to squeeze ever more out of her. I am confident that the Government understands this and I look forward to continuing the harmonious relationships that my predecessors have enjoyed in Whitehall to the mutual benefit of patients, the NHS and the industry.

Finally, I should like to pay tribute to Kim Innes’s contribution over the last two years as Chair of the BGMA. She has presided over a number of significant advances and I look forward to receiving her continuing support over the next year.”

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