Thomson Reuters names most promising drugs of 2015

Posted: 24 March 2015 |

The Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters has released the 2015 edition of its annual Drugs to Watch report…


The Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters, the world’s leader in intelligent information for businesses and professionals, has released the 2015 edition of its annual Drugs to Watch report.

The study reveals a significant increase in the number of expected blockbusters from three drugs in 2014 to eleven in 2015. Three of the new drugs are expected to reach over $3 billion in sales by 2019. Thomson Reuters analysts utilized  CortellisTM Competitive Intelligence—the pharmaceutical industry’s leading source for drug pipeline, deals, patents, and company content—to forecast the new-to-market drugs expected to lead the pack in sales and potentially emerge as blockbusters (earning $1 billion+) by 2019.

Thomson Reuters’ annual forecast finds significant increase in the number of blockbusters set to enter this year’s market

The analysis spotlights the following 11 potential blockbusters, ranked by highest sales forecast (U.S. $ billions):

Drugs to WatchCompanyTherapy Area2019 Sales Forecast in U.S. $ billions
Opdivo (nivolumab)Bristol-Myers SquibbMelanoma5.684
Praluent (alirocumab)Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and SanofiHypercholesterolemia4.414
LCZ-696 (sacubitril and valsartan)Novartischronic heart failure3.731
Ibrance (palbociclib)Pfizerbreast cancer2.756
lumacaftor plus ivacaftorVertex Pharmaceuticalscystic fibrosis2.737
Viekira Pak (veruprevir, ritonavir, ombitsvir and dasabuvir)AbbViehepatitis C2.5
evolocumabAmgen and Astellas Pharmahypercholesterolemia/ hypherlipidemia1.862
Gardasil 9Merck & Co.HPV Vaccine1.637
brexpiprazoleOtsuka Pharmaceutical and Lundbeckschizophrenia and depression1.353
Toujeo (new-formulation insulin glargine)SanofiDiabetes1.265
Cosentyx (secukinumab)Novartispsoriasis and psoriatic arthritis1.082

“This year’s forecast identifies a substantial increase in the number of predicted blockbusters, inviting discussion around the current status of the blockbuster model,” said Wendy Hamilton, global head of Life Sciences at Thomson Reuters. “As the pharmaceutical industry navigates constantly evolving revenue streams, this report serves as a valuable resource for identifying the therapies with the strongest sales potential.”

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