Gilson’s combined GX-241 Liquid Handler and PLC Purification Systems offer increased sample throughput with less manual intervention

Posted: 5 February 2018 | | No comments yet

Gilson, an industry leader in liquid handling systems, now offers the GX-241 Liquid Handler as an optional autosampler to its reliable PLC 2050 and PLC 2250 Purification Systems. The GX-241 Liquid Handler provides automated sample injection, increasing throughput and decreasing hands-on time…


Using the GX-241 Liquid Handler, samples are aspirated into the PLC Purification System, providing faster injection cycle times and reducing contamination and carryover. User pre-programmed injections offer improved sample solubility and allow researchers to purify more compounds with a single injection reliably and repeatedly with a simple push of a button. The PLC Purification System is capable of flow rates from 1 to 50 mL/min, with potential of up to 250 mL/min, depending on the PLC Purification System.

The combined GX-241 Liquid Handler and PLC Purification System offers a compact footprint without sacrificing functionality. Queuing samples makes it easier to create multiple unattended sample purification runs, allowing users to pursue other lab tasks. Racks can easily be added or edited, with a test function to ensure the rack adjustments are correct before sample purification. Injection parameters are easily set up and controlled through the PLC Purification System’s touchscreen using the intuitive Gilson Glider Prep Software.

The GX-241 Liquid Handler with the PLC Purification System is ideal for industrial and academic researchers screening targeted sets of natural and synthetic drug candidates, and those purifying oligonucleotides and peptides. The combined system meets the needs of those requiring multi-injection of different samples when using preparative HPLC, flash chromatography, and CPC columns.

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