New MALDI-TOF MS software packages simplify analysis and visualisation of imaging data

Posted: 18 June 2018 | | No comments yet

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of AuraSolutionTM, SampleStationTM and QC Reporter software packages for the MALDI-8020 linear benchtop system. MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry software packages, which facilitate automated analysis…

SampleStation and AuraSolution Software for Automation

SampleStation and AuraSolution software are used to automate data acquisition for high-throughput laboratories during routine testing. The SampleStation software serves as a user interface for worklist management while maintaining data integrity through a secure working environment. Worklists associated with individually barcoded MALDI targets are then imported into AuraSolution Software via an integrated barcode scanner in the MALDI-8020. The simple “scan, load and run” workflow with minimal mouse clicks improves productivity, achieving easy-to-interpret colour-coded results for intuitive data analysis and confident review and identification.

QC Reporter Software

QC Reporter provides a simple, secure platform for high-throughput quality control workflows. The acquisition, calibration, processing, quality assessment and reporting processes are performed automatically within a single platform and a simple, intuitive workflow design. Using QC Reporter, a typical QC experiment can be performed with a few simple steps. Simple reporting features and easy to interpret results render this software accessible to any level of user.

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