ProCellicssup™ in-line and real-time bioprocess raman analyser multi-channel unit

ProCellics™, first in-line and real-time bioprocess raman analyser, is a RESOLUTION Spectra Systems product. It offers a GMP user-friendly and easily deployed Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solution…

Specifically designed for in-line and real-time analytical monitoring of upstream and downstream processes, ProCellics™ relieves the user from conducting a costly and time-consuming Raman monitoring implementation.

This new multi-channel unit comes as an option of ProCellics™ and enables to operate up to 4 probes from a single analyser. It allows a fast first multivariate calibration when running multiple parallel batches simultaneously, an even more affordable cost per measurement point and robust models catching setup variability ease transfer between devices.

In USP, ProCellics™ can measure, among others, the concentration of glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium and other amino acids, proteins, total cell density and viable cell density inside the bioreactor. In DSP, it allows the monitoring of key processes such as ultra-filtration, chromatography and inactivation.

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