Thermo Fisher Scientific wins R&D 100 award with UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced that its Evolution 200 series of next-generation UV-Visible spectrophotometers featuring INSIGHT and CUE (Customized User Environment) software has been named one of the most technologically significant products of the past 12 months by R&D Magazine.

Thermo Evolution 200

Thermo Fisher Scientific wins R&D 100 award with its Evolution 200 UV-Visible spectrophotometer.

Designed for analyses in the QA/QC, life science, and material science industries, the instruments combine high performance and straightforward software, enabling personalized operation for greater productivity. The Thermo Scientific Evolution 200 series was recognized for the unique nature of the platform for spectroscopy analyses that can be tailored to individual measurements.

Next-generation INSIGHT software has been designed to improve the user experience by simplifying method creation and results interpretation.

INSIGHT software also includes CUE scripting capabilities, which enables the user to create a dedicated analyzer with a simplified, customized user interface to streamline workflows, enforce proper procedures, and reduce errors. CUE scripts can be locked from further editing, resulting in custom programs that can be run in regulatory environments. This is an industry first.

The Thermo Scientific Evolution 200 instruments feature high quality accessories and application specific technology to meet a wide range of sampling needs, including application focused beam geometry (AFBG) technology that optionally tailors the instrument’s optical system to specific applications for microcells, solid sampling and fiber optics.

Forward-looking design elements also include a moveable detector, integrated triggering for automation or interaction with other laboratory instruments and a local control module with USB accessory support.

“We are honored to receive this award; it is a real testament to the team here at Thermo Fisher that our latest UV-Vis platform has been recognized as a technological leader.” said Brian Davies, vice president and general manager of molecular spectroscopy and microanalysis for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We designed the Evolution 200 series at our Center of Excellence for molecular spectroscopy in Madison, and further strengthens our portfolio of UV-Vis solutions ranging from entry-level through to high-end to best meet our customers’ varied needs.”

For more information about the Thermo Scientific Evolution 200 series, please call 1-800-532 4752, e-mail [email protected] or visit

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