ProCellics software new release

Posted: 24 January 2019 | | No comments yet

ProCellics software is available with ProCellics GMP bioprocess in-line analyser. ProCellics software has been specifically developed to address bioprocess monitoring needs…

Resolution Spectra Systems

ProCellics™ In-Line and Real-Time Bioprocess Raman Analyser Multi-Channel Unit and ProCellics™ Software

It is easy to use, whatever the user’s level of expertise in Raman spectroscopy (from expert to personnel focused on process without knowledge of Raman spectroscopy), and facilitates ProCellics Raman PAT tool implementation in GMP manufacturing environments.

ProCellics software 2.0 mainly supports the Multi-Channel Unit option of ProCellics which enables to operate up to 4 probes from a single analyser.

This new software release is able to manage the 4 channels in parallel and enables the user to visualise the 4 channels simultaneously. A Timetable allows the user to overview and manage the schedule of several batch acquisitions.

ProCellics combined with ProCellics software 2.0 allows to build a first model in a few weeks only and to significantly reduce the cost per probe.

For more information on ProCellics and ProCellics software, please click here.