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The European Medicines Agency (EMA)



Realising the therapeutic potential of MDMA

16 June 2021 | By

Psychedelic drugs are gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical R&D sector because of their apparent benefits for people suffering with neuropsychiatric disorders - and those which are resistant to existing therapies in particular. In this article, Imperial College London’s Professor David Nutt discusses the evidence underlying the development of psychedelic therapies…


Navigating pharmacovigilance complexity in the US and EU: notes for biotechs

15 June 2021 | By ,

Pharmacovigilance obligations present significant challenges for biotechs. Small companies face the same rigor as large pharma - and it does not help that there is divergence between the requirements of the FDA, the EU and its member states. Here, seasoned pharmacovigilance experts and non-executive advisors to Arriello, Eric Caugant in…