Ralph Daumke FILTROX`S life science specialist introduces FILTRODISC BIO SD, one of the most effective, efficient, robust and easy to use clarification technology available

Swiss-based FILTROX is a global market leader in depth filtration technologies. They’ve presented around the world using their own specialists and network of distributors. FILTROX have developed and manufactured depth filtration technologies since 1938.

FILTRODISC™ BIO SD is the first clarification technology that combines the advantages of depth and alluvial (cake) filtration. It is scalable from process development until production scale in single-use and further with plate and frame filter systems like NOVOX® CP up to several thousand litres.  FILTROX are able to replace the centrifuge with this technology and combine this with the depth filtration and with a minimum flux of 350 l/h*m2.

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Video taken at IQPC Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing, February 2019.

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