Ralph Daumke FILTROX`S life science specialist introduce FILTRODISC BIO SD, one of the most effective, efficient, robust and easy to use clarification technology available

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Swiss based FILTROX is a global market leader in depth filtration technologies and present around the world by own specialist or due to a network of distributors. We develop and manufacture depth filtration technologies since 1938.

FILTRODISC™ BIO SD is the first clarification technology that combines the advantages of depth and alluvial (cake) filtration. It is scalable from process development until production scale in single-use and further with plate and frame filter systems like NOVOX® CP up to several thousand litres.  We are able to replace the centrifuge with this technology and combine this with the depth filtration and with a minimum flux of 350 l/h*m2.

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Video taken at IQPC Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing, February 2019.

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