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PCR assay



The evolving field of PCR: which method will you choose?

23 December 2014 | By Natalia Meani and Manuela Vecchi

Recognised as one of the major scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a quick and simple method to create, in a test tube, millions of copies of a given DNA segment from a complex mixture of genetic material. This method has greatly stimulated biochemical, molecular…


Building robust PCR/qPCR assays

26 April 2012 | By Linda Starr-Spires, Director, Nucleic Acid Methods Platform, Global Clinical Immunology Department, Sanofi Pasteur

The process of building robust PCR/qPCR assays is a matter of perseverance and consistency. A few questions that should be answered prior to starting development will help make the process more efficient and effective: Does the assay need to simply detect the presence of the target (qualitative), or must it…