The future of OSD formulations

In this exclusive interview, Dr Uwe Hanenberg, Head of Product Development at Recipharm discusses the current landscape and future innovations in oral solid dosage (OSD) formulation.

In this video interview, recorded at CPHI Barcelona, Dr Uwe Hanenberg, head of OSD product development at Recipharm emphasises the importance of listing to your molecule, understanding drug delivery mechanisms and of tailoring formulations to specific patient populations.

“When you develop all dosage forms you have to listen,” Hanenberg says.

“You first have to listen to the molecule and the properties of the molecule – and especially in oral solids… You look, for example, into the particle shape,  particle sizes, and other parameters. This gives you some direction on which technologies are feasible.”

“The second thing you have to look into is drug delivery. How is the drug or the API absorbed?” 

It also key to consider whether the formulation is for children, adults or for elderly people. “That is where you need to listen as well because if your product is not accepted by the patient…then you have no effect,” Hanenberg adds.

Finally, once you have an idea of the formulation and product type, you need to find the “most robust economic and environmentally friendly process,” Hanenberg explains, looking at some of the differences between compaction and granulation processes. 

Emerging technology  in OSD formulation

Dr Hanenberg highlights several emerging technologies in OSD formulation, including those for oral delivery of biologics.

“Biologics are typically administered by injection which has a lot of disadvantage,” Hanenberg notes. “Secondly, the manufacturing process is expensive, complex and you may need a cold chain to transport,” he adds, explaining the increased interest in this sector.

Hanenberg also discusses the role of data science in advancing pharmaceutical processes.

“What you see in every field of the pharmaceutical industry is the topic: data science,” Hanenberg reflects. He goes on to explain how Recipharm is working on developing a data science supported process for the implementation of dry granulation.

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