TGA-MS or TGA-FTIR systems allow you to perform evolved gas analysis

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4 December 2017

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4 December 2017

Feature image 700 x 420pxThermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) provides quantitative information on the change in mass of a sample as a function of time or temperature. But TGA cannot identify or characterise the gaseous products evolved during a measurement.

The combination of a TGA with a mass spectrometer (MS) or a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) allows the nature of the gaseous reaction products formed in the TGA to be investigated online.

In this Webinar, we will discuss the advantages of TGA-MS and TGA-FTIR systems and present some interesting applications.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Melanie Nijman, Senior Applications Specialist, Mettler Toledo AG

Autor_Nijman_Melanie_CMYK 120pxAfter receiving a Ph.D. in solid state nuclear magnetic resonance from the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, Switzerland, she joined Hi-Tech Scientific in Salisbury, UK, as Technical Sales Engineer. Afterwards, Melanie worked for Varian Inc. as Area Sales Manager. In 2006 she joined Mettler Toledo and worked there as applications specialist for Titration, pH as well as density and refractometers.

In her present position she uses, teaches and supports DSC, TGA, TMA and DMA instruments for the Mettler Toledo Materials Characterisation group and is located at the head office in Switzerland.

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