Material Characterization by Thermal Analysis

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10 April 2018

Supported by:

10 April 2018

Thermal Analysis comprises of a group of techniques that measure the physical or chemical properties of a sample as a function of temperature or time while it is heated, cooled or held at a constant temperature.

Material properties such as heat capacity, expansion coefficient or stiffness can easily be determined as well as melting, glass transition temperatures or thermal stability.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Markus Schubnell, Senior Scientist Thermal Analysis, Bayer Healthcare LLC, METTLER-TOLEDO

Markus Schubnell was awarded a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Bern in Switzerland. From 1998 to present, Dr. M. Schubnell has worked as a scientist in the department of Thermal Analysis.

Joey Chee, Applications Specialist Thermal Analysis, METTLER-TOLEDO

Joey Chee joined METTLER TOLEDO Malaysia in 2011 as an Application Chemist for Thermal Analysis. She recently assumed the role of TA Senior Applications Consultant for METTLER TOLEDO Malaysia.


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