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App Note: Following the progress of pharmaceutical mixing studies using near-infrared spectroscopy

Posted: 1 May 2014 | | No comments yet

This free-to-view Application Note shows the possibility to apply near-infrared spectral information for monitoring the pharmaceutical mixing process…

One of the most arduous, yet important steps in solid dosage form development is the mixing study. In most dosage form development standard operating procedures (S.O.P.s), the mixer is charged (loaded with the excipients and actives), then mixed for a set time (5, 10, 15 minutes). The mixer is opened and a “sample thief” is used to obtain “grab” samples from various locations and depths throughout the mixer. The mixer is closed and operated for the next time period. A series of samples representing the uniformity of the mixer’s contents is collected and sent to the analytical lab for analysis.

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