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Application Note: ActivityBase for results management in screening

Posted: 22 January 2015 |

The secure and robust management of intrinsically complex cell-based screening data is paramount to ensure confidence in results and subsequent decision-making. Read how ActivityBase can be used for effective results management in screening…

A critical component of any scientific endeavour is the management of the results obtained. Inability to store and properly retrieve experimental results remains commonplace in research and development companies. This can lead to the needless repetition of experiments and, in some cases, incorrect conclusions being made due to storage of the data without context.

By screening a range of drug-like small molecules, you can build an understanding of agents and their effects on different cell types. Cells have a tendency to react in different ways, which necessitates the requirement for different analysis methods. All this compounds the need for effective data management.

Using both 96 and 364 well plate formats, cells are typically screened using single parameter and multi-parametric methods. An assay can even be performed on selected cells. Specifically, plates are subject to automated imaging and analysis, with multiple wavelengths being captured per field and typically multiple fields being captured per well. These associated component and composite images are subject to analysis, generating an output.

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