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Application Note: Rocking Motion cultivation

Posted: 13 January 2016 | | 1 comment

The BIOSTAT® Rocking Motion (RM) bioreactor system ensures optimal process control and cell growth for all single-use cell culture applications.

Flexsafe® RM bags with single-use integrated analytics allows plug and play real-time monitoring of:

  • pH →integrated pH patch
  • DO → dissolved oxygen(DO) patch
  • viable cell volume (VCV) → BioPAT® ViaMass sensor disc

The data is fed directly into the local controller where oxygen transfer, liquid additions and mixing can be adjusted by wave-induced motion whereby bubble free overlay aeration protects cells from shear stress. This automated process control generates consistent process conditions and reliable electronic batch records with the added benefit of enabling automated substrate feed strategies based on VCV. Additionally, harvest/transfer points and optimal time points for infection for viral production can be based on real-time VCV data for improved process and product consistency.

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