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Application Note: MicroNIR PAT for blend monitoring

Posted: 18 January 2016 | | 3 comments

The aim of Quality by Design (QbD) is to build quality into a product and process from the outset. The pharmaceutical and related industries utilise powder blending operations to make solid dose drugs, yet the phenomena of powder mixing is the least understood of all sciences.

The pharmaceutical industry is now being encouraged to implement QbD into all of its product submissions, thus providing a means for a manufacturer to show enhanced product knowledge and process understanding. To supplement QbD, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is a must for better product/process understanding and the MicroNIRTM PAT Near Infrared (NIR) spectrometer, by Viavi Solutions is a compact, yet robust and powerful tool for monitoring dynamic blending operations.

This paper discusses how the MicroNIR PAT spectrometer was used to monitor the blend uniformity of a number of designed blends of commercially available coffee, sugar and creamer and to jointly assess the sensory preference of the blends in a way that is typical of the process used by a pharmaceutical company to better understand the powder blending operation in tablet manufacturing.

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3 responses to “Application Note: MicroNIR PAT for blend monitoring”

  1. venkynir says:

    Dear Respected authors ;
    Now doubt is an good attempt in blending application through MircoNIR but coffee is not pharmaceutical category . For coffee blending that much accuracy not needed as Indian coffee drinker point of view .You have used standard method and not much innovative work in that . You should apply for pharmaceutical industries then publish- it is valued . I don’t know how it category under pharmaceutical industries by the publisher .It should be under food or health care analysis.
    Thank you
    Good attempt
    Venkynir , India

  2. Sandeep Vishnani says:

    Pl send me article on my email.


    Sandeep v.

    • Nicholas Jackson says:

      Hi Sandeep, to read the article you’ll need to register. You’ll then be able to read the digital version or download it as a PDF.

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