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Whitepaper: pAVEwayTM – microbial expression system for the efficient large scale production of therapeutic proteins

pAVEway™ is an innovative expression system in E. coli that enables rapid creation of novel recombinant strains and the development of downstream processes that ensure industry leading product titres and efficient scale-up of the production of proteins of therapeutic utility…

In addition to the potential for reduced cost of goods, pAVEway also enables antibioticfree cGMP production in a tightening regulatory environment, without sacrificing yields and versatility. A wide range of proteins of therapeutic utility has been produced using pAVEway and a generic fermentation platform, with a variety of accumulation routes, including intracellular soluble, intracellular insoluble and periplasmic secretion.

THE pAVEway platform is based on a set of unique protein expression plasmids, which have been developed by Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies. These plasmids employ a number of powerful promoters, such as λpL, tac and T7A3, to enable the use of a large range of E. coli hosts. The inclusion of a stability enhancement system in the plasmids, based on the cer recombination site, reduces the need for antibiotics to assure plasmid retention, thus helping to avoid any future regulatory sanctions on the use of antibiotics in the fermentation process.

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