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CPhI annual industry report 2018

Posted: 8 October 2018 | | No comments yet

The CPhI Annual Report is a comprehensive and critically important publication that analyses key trends and innovations forecast by our panel of world class experts. Running as a series of opinions and articles, the CPhI experts call upon their considerable commercial and technical acumen to prophesize the future direction, technologies, opportunities and threats in pharma. It’s an essential read for executives who wish to get a head start today on the shape of tomorrow’s industry…

It has been a particularly successful 12-months for our industry. We’ve seen a truly stellar performance from the R&D community, with a record 46 FDA approvals in 2017 and 40 more already in 2018. There are in fact now more products in development than at any other point in history – with 15,000+ in the pipeline. It would not be too bold a claim to say we are entering a ‘golden age’ of pharma innovation. But as an industry, we can also take great pride in the developments we are seeing across the board – not only in the commercialisation of novel therapies, but in improved techniques and renewed strategies to carrying out pharma manufacturing. We have seen huge innovation in terms of process improvements, whilst advances in flow chemistry, AI and 3D dosage printing are reducing prices and development timelines and increasing patient access. What’s more exciting is that innovation is not only being driven by dictates from regulators, but is being created from the ground-up by all types of companies, coming from talented CDMOs, API manufacturers, formulation specialists and generics producers. The industry is, of course, also moving towards large molecules and in response we have launched bioLIVE – our new bioprocessing and manufacturing exhibition, which runs adjacent to CPhI Worldwide. It arrives at a particularly prominent moment, as in the last year we have seen a proliferation of biosimilars and double-digit approvals of biologics – as well as a whole host of investments taking place in contract services. Not to mention ground-breaking innovations, as the EMA approved two gene therapies – Yascarta and Alofise – with a further 1000+ gene therapy products and 600 CAR-T assets under development. In such a dynamic time for the industry, access to insights and analysis are integral to any companies future growth potential and we encourage all pharma professionals to study the CPhI Annual Report closely – both the pharma league tables and our expert contributions. The next year promises huge opportunities and developments.