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Application note: Ultrapure water for LC-MS biomedical analyses

Posted: 24 June 2019 | | No comments yet

In this paper the suitability of reagent water for LC-MS biomedical analyses will be evaluated and the role of water quality in achieving sensitive and reliable LC-MS analyses will be discussed.

Furthermore, since quality assurance is one of the key requirements in the clinical laboratory, a modern solution for data management will be introduced in order to address this need.

The power of LC-MS is recognized by biomedical laboratories worldwide. Nowadays modern LC–MS instrumentation ranges from research to routine use in clinical laboratories and is effectively applied in such areas as:

  • Therapeutic drug monitoring – measure of drugs (e.g., immunosuppressants) in plasma, blood or tissues
  • Drugs of abuse testing – measure of drugs (e.g., cannabis, methadone, amphetamine, morphine, meperidine,
    etc.) in urine or saliva
  • Hormone testing – measure of hormones (e.g., steroids or thyroid hormones) in serum or plasma
  • Biogenic amine analysis – measure of biogenic amines (e.g., catecholamines) in plasma or urine
  • Neonatal screening – detection of treatable disorders in infants by monitoring amino acid and acylcarnitine
    levels using LC-MS

Please read and download the full Application Note below:

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