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Watson-Marlow launches new bioprocessing pump technology at INTERPHEX 2017

Watson-Marlow launches new bioprocessing pump technology at INTERPHEX 2017

Supplier news / 7 March 2017 / Watson-Marlow

Visit Booth #2833 to see new peristaltic pump and liquid filling technologies…

Quantification of Tablets Containing Multiple APIs: Using Transmission Raman

Whitepapers / 25 October 2016 / Cobalt Light Systems

The ability to predict multiple constituents of a final dosage form in one fast, non-destructive measurement can reduce analysis time. This is especially important when quantification of multiple APIs is required for tests such as content uniformity, assay and ID…

ROMIL launches new interactive website

Supplier news / 25 October 2016 / ROMIL

ROMIL is proud to announce the launch of its new website; an easy-to-use, interactive resource for laboratory professionals requiring high purity solvents, acids, reagents and reference materials. This user-friendly, comprehensive reference site has been redesigned from the ground up and optimised for PCs, tablets and smartphones, allowing straightforward browsing of the product catalogue…

HPLC In-Depth Focus 2016

HPLC In-Depth Focus 2016

Issue 5 2016, Supplements, Z Homepage promo / 20 October 2016 / European Pharmaceutical Review

In this HPLC In-Depth Focus: Resolving natural compound complexity with multidimensional chromatography; The advantages of temperature elevations in HPLC…

Application of LCMS in small-molecule drug development

Issue 4 2016 / 24 August 2016 / Chunang (Christine) Gu, David Russell and Peter Yehl, Genentech

As a technology, mass spectrometry (MS) has evolved to the point where it is used throughout the drug development process. In particular, when MS is coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) it adds an orthogonal detection function for sample analysis and provides unique capabilities for pharmaceutical analysis, such as sensitivity, selectivity, speed of analysis and rich mass information. This article describes the fundamentals and general applications of hyphenated LC-MS in supporting small-molecule drug development, such as impurity and degradant structural characterisation, and qualitative and quantitative analysis. In addition, some newly-developed technologies in LC and MS are discussed in terms of their future application within pharmaceutical development…

Whitepaper: Facilitating filtration of small volumes

Facilitating filtration of small volumes: HPLC and UHPLC sample prep

Whitepapers / 21 July 2016 / Pall Laboratory

Filtrating small volumes of fluid (< 2 mL) can be difficult due to the volume remaining inside the filter after use, so Pall Laboratory have developed 13 mm syringe filters with mini spike outlets for filtration of small volume samples...

How to avoid residual solvent when drying reverse phase HPLC fractions and prevent the formation of gums and oils.

How to avoid residual solvent when drying reverse phase HPLC fractions and prevent the formation of gums and oils.

Supplier news / 26 February 2016 / Biopharma Group

Traditional concentration of reverse phase HPLC fractions to dryness in a Genevac HT evaporator is a fast and safe process…

Easy and Quick HPLC Analysis of Aflatoxin in Milk

Easy and quick HPLC analysis of Aflatoxin in milk

Supplier news / 15 February 2016 / YMC Europe GmbH

Aflatoxins are naturally occurring mycotoxins that are produced by different species of fungi…

CHIRAL ART polysaccharide HPLC columns by YMC now with 3 µm!

CHIRAL ART polysaccharide HPLC columns by YMC now with 3 µm!

Supplier news / 3 February 2016 / YMC Europe

To overcome the need of method developers for faster and high-resolution methods, YMC now offers all of its CHIRAL ART polysaccharide HPLC columns with a particle size of 3 µm…

HPLC Congress 2016- Exploring the Boundless Analytical Techniques

HPLC Congress 2016- Exploring the boundless analytical techniques

Supplier news / 16 September 2015 / HPLC

Microanalysis which is critical in today’s research is ushered by boundless analytical techniques, the major one being HPLC…

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Receives IVDD CE Mark for its Thermo Scientific Prelude MD HPLC, Endura MD Mass Spectrometer and ClinQuan MD Software

Supplier news / 10 September 2015 / Thermo Fisher Scientific

Now available to clinical laboratories in Europe for general in vitro diagnostic use …

Wanted: clever minds!

Wanted: clever minds!

Supplier news / 10 September 2015 / Shimadzu

‘lab4you’ program for young scientists / Laboratory space available for research / Brief abstract for application…

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