Material Identification - Articles and news items


Whitepaper: Material identification using handheld spectroscopy

Whitepapers / 15 July 2013 / Katherine A. Bakeev and Robert V. Chimenti, B&W Tek

Understand the pros and cons of using correlation versus multivariate algorithms for material identification via handheld spectroscopy…

Raw material identity verification in the pharmaceutical industry

Identification & Verification, Issue 3 2013 / 13 June 2013 / Bülent Üstün, Senior Scientist, Merck Sharp & Dohme

Inspection of incoming raw materials is an essential step in the pharmaceutical industry to verify that the correct raw material which meets the quality specifications has been received. It will not only help to ensure that the final product is of best quality and minimise wasted time, material costs and delayed shipment if specifications are not being met, but also maintain safety. The presence of an incorrect material in a manufacturing process could compromise safety. For this reason, at least one test to verify the identity of incoming raw materials should be conducted before use (as required by regulatory authorities).


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