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Merck Advances Lab Water Purification Technology with Milli-Q® IQ 7000 System

Supplier news / 20 March 2017 / Merck Millipore

Merck, a leading science and technology company, announced the global launch of the Milli-Q® IQ 7000 system, the seventh-generation Milli-Q® water purification innovation…

Whitepaper: Feasibility of a Rapid Microbiological Method for filterable raw materials

Whitepaper: Feasibility of a Rapid Microbiological Method for filterable raw materials

Whitepapers / 15 January 2016 / Merck Millipore

The Milliflex® Quantum system (Merck Millipore) is a rapid method for the quantitative detection of contaminants in filterable samples…


Merck appoints Udit Batra to head combined life science business ahead of planned Sigma-Aldrich acquisition

Industry news / 14 April 2015 / Victoria White

Merck has announced that Udit Batra has been appointed to lead the combined life science business of Merck Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich…

Merck Millipore congratulates winner of the Alice C. Evans Award for Leadership in Clinical Microbiology

Supplier news / 20 May 2014 / Merck

Merck Millipore announced that Bonnie Bassler, Ph.D., Squibb Professor and Chair of the Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University, has won the 2014 Merck Millipore Alice C. Evans Award for Leadership in Clinical Microbiology…

Ingredients: In-depth focus 2013

Ingredients, Issue 3 2013, Supplements / 13 June 2013 / Matt Moran, Paul E. Luner

Revisiting a mutual recognition agreement approach for GMP inspections to secure the safety of the supply chain of APIs.
Solid form diversity of commonly used tableting excipients and its impact.

Manufacturing & Packaging Supplement 2013

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging: In-depth focus 2013

Issue 1 2013, Manufacturing & Packaging, Supplements / 18 February 2013 / Dennis Jenke

The chemical safety assessment process for extractables and leachables associated with packaged pharmaceutical products.
INTERPHEX 2013: Show preview

Daniel Stamm, Head of Global Sales Biopharm Process Solutions, Merck Millipore

Merck Millipore interviewed at ACHEMA 2012

Videos / 5 July 2012 / Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review

Daniel Stamm, Head of Global Sales Biopharm Process Solutions, Merck Millipore speaks to Freddy White at ACHEMA 2012.

Merck Millipore collaborates with Peking University

Industry news, News / 5 January 2012 / Merck Millipore

Merck Millipore, announced that the division was invited to serve on the faculty of the CPIER at Peking University…

Merck Millipore launches ChromaTALK™

Industry news, News / 6 December 2011 / Merck Millipore

Experts from around the world share perspectives and insights on topics related to process-scale chromatography…

Merck Millipore completes acquisition of Biotest AG’s microbiology business

Industry news, News / 1 August 2011 / Merck KGaA

Merck Millipore has completed the acquisition of the microbiology business of Biotest AG…

Whitepaper: The importance of being profiled: Improving drug candidate safety and efficacy using cross-target profiling

Whitepapers / 11 July 2011 / Merck Millipore

Profiling of putative lead compounds against a representative panel of important enzymes, receptors, ion channels and transporters is an excellent way to establish a preliminary view of potential issues that might later hamper development. An early idea of which off-target activities must be minimized can save valuable time and money during the preclinical lead optimization phase if pivotal questions are asked beyond the usual profiling at hERG. The best data for critical evaluation of activity at GPCRs and ion channels is obtained using functional assays, since binding assays cannot detect all interactions and do not provide information on whether the interaction is that of an agonist, antagonist, or allosteric modulator. This overview discusses the benefits of in vitro assays, specific decision points where profiling can be of immediate benefit, and highlights relevant profiling services offered by Merck Millipore.


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