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Viavi - Articles and news items

Application Note: MicroNIR PAT for blend monitoring

Application Note: MicroNIR PAT for blend monitoring

Whitepapers / 18 January 2016 / VIAVI

This paper discusses how the MicroNIR PAT spectrometer was used to monitor the blend uniformity of a number of designed blends of commercially available coffee, sugar and creamer and to jointly assess the sensory preference of the blends in a way that is typical of the process used by a pharmaceutical company to better understand the powder blending operation in tablet manufacturing…


Fit-for-purpose miniature NIR spectroscopy for solid dosage manufacturing

Webinars / 26 October 2015 /

This webinar discusses how miniaturised spectrometers facilitate testing of different control schemes with the goal of enabling real-time feedback control of continuous manufacturing processes…

NIR Supplement

NIR in-depth focus 2015

Issue 4 2015, Near-infrared spectroscopy, Supplements / 3 September 2015 / European Pharmaceutical Review

In this NIR in-depth focus: Challenges with NIR reflectance measurements of solid pharmaceuticals, Application of NIR spectroscopy in linking velocity profiles of a binary granular system…


Webinar: Different thermal analysis techniques to measure the glass transitionWATCH NOW
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