Bioprocessing & Bioproduction In-Depth Focus 2021

Download this in-depth focus to discover why shifting away from traditional bioproduction and drug delivery systems could allow antibodies to reach their full potential and how Raman spectroscopy can give useful insights into your processes.

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    • ‘Magic bullets’ for all: democratising biologics by rethinking antibody development, manufacturing and delivery
      Antibody therapeutics revolutionised how diseases like cancer are treated in the developed world, but their high manufacturing cost and cumbersome distribution and administration leave them out of reach for most. In this guest article, Lumen Bioscience’s CEO, Brian Finrow, and EVP of Production & Development, Craig Behnke, discuss how new technologies are making mass-market antibody drugs feasible for ultra-prevalent diseases like COVID-19 for the first time.
    • Principal component analysis of Raman spectra for freeze-drying process monitoring
      Optical spectral measurement tools are extremely useful both for in-line measurements in process analytical techniques (PATs) as well as for evaluating the composition of finished substances. Here, CPI’s Lukas Kuerten and Rachel Findlay demonstrate a valuable method for gaining useful information from spectral data.