Bioprocessing & Bioproduction In-Depth Focus 2021

This in-depth focus includes articles exploring the 10 key considerations when designing an ATMP manufacturing facility and the potential benefits of implementing continuous bioprocessing and biomanufacturing.

IDF Bioprocessing & Bioproduction
  • Designing an ATMP manufacturing facility: from concept to completion
    Remy Martin, business development specialist at cell and gene therapy manufacturing consultant, eXmoor Pharma, discusses 10 key considerations when creating a manufacturing facility, to ensure it meets requirements for both immediate needs and future growth.
  • Continuous biomanufacturing – where are we now?
    The biopharmaceutical industry is driven by the need to increase production and reduce costs, while maintaining product quality – and has increasingly been focused on intensification of processes to accomplish this goal. In this article, European Pharmaceutical Review’s Hannah Balfour summarises the potential benefits of implementing continuous bioprocessing and manufacturing as a method of process intensification, the current state of continuous process implementation and some ongoing challenges.