Issue #5 2016 – Digital edition

Posted: 20 October 2016 | | 1 comment

In this issue: Biosimilars, Informatics, Ingredients, PAT, HPLC, Microbiology, Product Showcase, Regulation, and much more…

European Pharmaceutical Review - Issue 5 2016
  • FOREWORD: Modernising pharmaceutical manufacturing
    David P. Elder, JPAG Chair and Consultant
  • BIOSIMILARS: litigation outlook
    Dominic E. Adair, Bristows LLP
  • INFORMATICS: Security considerations for external research
    Michael H. Elliott, Atrium Research & Consulting
    Martin Kuentz, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, and David Elder, David P. Elder Consultancy, contribute two articles to our Ingredients In-Depth Focus. Plus a Q&A sponsored by Meggle
  • PAT SERIES :At-line swabbing analysis as a process analytical tool
    Adeyinka Aina and Chris Edlin, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre
    With articles from Dr Paul G. Stevenson, Deakin University and Tony Edge, Liverpool University
  • MICROBIOLOGY SERIES: Managing contamination risks in glove holes in barrier separation technology
    James L. Drinkwater and Corinna Maier, F Ziel GmbH
    Leading supplier companies discuss their products and services in our new Product Showcase, sponsored by Charles River, Eppendorf Inc. and Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories
  • REGULATORY OPINION: Understanding today’s drug pricing environment
    Andrew Butcher, Charles River

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