Microbiology In-Depth Focus 2017

The European Pharmacopoeia chapter on methods for microbiological quality control was recently revised to include a number of significant changes. In this In-Depth Focus Michael Miller provides the first part of this two-part review and Kevin Williams discusses a paradigm change in biologics microbiological contaminant control.

Microbiology in-depth focus 2017
  • A comprehensive review of the revised European Pharmacopoeia chapter 5.1.6 (part one)
    Michael J Miller, Microbiology Consultants and
  • A data integrity approach to endotoxin testing
    Robert Porzio, Product Manager for Endotoxin Detection, Lonza Walkersville Inc
  • Conservation initiatives for an invaluable partner
    John Dubczak, General Manager of Microbial Solutions Operations, Charles River
  • A paradigm change in biologics microbiological contaminant control
    Kevin L Williams, Hyglos GmbH

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