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Bio-Rad Laboratories develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of innovative products and solutions for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets.

Bio-Rad Laboratories is a leading provider to the life science and clinical diagnostics markets where the company’s products are used for scientific discovery, drug development, and biopharmaceutical production. Bio-Rad’s long-lasting customer relationships foster the company’s research and development efforts and inspire the introduction of innovative products and solutions that accelerate the discovery process and improve healthcare. The Protein Purification Business, part of the Life Science Group at Bio-Rad, provides researchers with the chromatography tools they need to isolate and purify proteins from laboratory scale through clinical trials into bioprocess manufacturing. With more than 60 years of purification experience, Bio-Rad continues to expand solutions to streamline the drug discovery and development process.

The Life Science Group

Develops, manufactures, and provides a wide range of laboratory instruments, apparatus, consumables, and reagents used for research in the growing fields of functional genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and manufacture, cell biology, food safety, and science education. The group ranks among the top five life science companies worldwide and is renowned for quality, innovation, and a long-standing focus on the success of its customers. These products are based on technologies used to separate, purify, identify, analyze, and amplify biological materials such as proteins, nucleic acids, cells, and bacteria. Technologies and applications include electrophoresis, imaging, multiplex immunoassay, chromatography, microbiology, bioinformatics, protein function analysis, transfection, flow cytometry, amplification, and real-time and digital PCR. Bio-Rad products support researchers in laboratories throughout the world.

The Clinical Diagnostics Group

Develops, manufactures, sells, and supports a large portfolio of products for medical screening and diagnostics. Bio-Rad is a leading specialty diagnostics company and its products are recognized as the gold standard for diabetes monitoring and quality control systems. The group is also well known for its blood virus testing and detection, blood typing, autoimmune and genetic disorders testing, and internet-based software products. Bio-Rad’s clinical diagnostics products incorporate a broad range of technologies used to detect, identify, and quantify substances in bodily fluids and tissues. The results are used as aids to support medical diagnosis, detection, evaluation, and the monitoring and treatment of diseases and other medical conditions.

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