CI Precision

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Wiltshire SP2 7PX
United Kingdom

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CI Precision manufactures and supplies high-end, precision weighing equipment and systems to pharmaceutical manufacturing and industrial research markets.

Weight Sorting

CI’s SADE SP range of tablet and capsule weight sorters and checkweighers are specially designed for small objects generally less than 2g in weight. Applications include:

  • Reclaiming ‘good’ product from weight rejected batches
  • Weight sorting product made in the ‘run-in’ and ‘run-out’ phase of a press
  • 100% weight sorting for complete quality assurance
  • 100% weight sorting and statistical analysis of clinical trial/development batches
  • Checking over encapsulation.
  • Manufacturing Management Systems

We develop highly configurable and fully validated software solutions for electronically managing areas of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Ci-DMS is our commercial off the shelf (COTS) dispensary management system designed to control the weighing, dispensing and addition of materials to cGMP standards for pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing.

Recording Microbalances

CI Precision is a world leader in microbalance technology, supplying its versatile microbalance systems in kit form allowing researchers to construct specialist analytical equipment or as OEM equipment for use by manufacturers of gravimetric analytical instruments.

Custom and Specialist Weighing Systems

If you have a special requirement, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to develop a suitable solution.

Upcoming events

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  • Interpack, Dusseldorf Germany 04-10 May
  • INTERPHEX Japan 2017 Tokyo, Japan 28 – 30 June with Estech Corp
  • PACK EXPO Las Vegas, USA 25 – 27 September with AC Compacting LLC
  • Powtech Technopharm, Nuremberg 26-28 September
  • Expoquimia Barcelona, Spain 02-06 October
  • CphI 2017 Messe Frankfurt, Germany 24–26 October
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  • P-MEC India 2016 Mumbai, India 27-29 November with PT Electronics