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Clostridium Difficile



Advancing microbiome innovation

10 April 2024 | By

In the fourth instalment of EPR's ‘Microbiome therapeutics: microscope to medicine’ series, Emilie Plantamura, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at MaaT Pharma, examines the promising potential of microbiome therapeutics beyond Clostridium difficile infection, particularly in the onco-haematological field.


Pioneering a full-ecosystem microbiota approach to improve survival outcomes in life-threatening diseases

16 December 2020 | By

The human gut contains the largest ecosystem of microbial species having complex host-microbiome interactive networks that contribute to our physiology and regulate our immune system. An imbalance in this host-microbiome interaction is associated with disease and the ability to restore or stabilise the network by introducing a rich and diverse…