Novel thermally-stable COVID-19 vaccine capsule developed

Developers have announced that they are ready to manufacture and formulate an innovative novel coronavirus vaccine capsule.

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A new oral capsule for the delivery of COVID-19 vaccine has been developed, researchers have stated. 

Stabilitech Biopharma Ltd has announced that it has completed its COVID-19 Master Viral Seedstock, which it now intends to manufacture, formulated into its patented oral vaccine delivery capsules.

If approved, the company say the novel coronavirus vaccine could be highly disruptive, as it is safe, efficacious and allows for patients to self-administer vaccines, reducing the exposure of healthcare workers to COVID-19. Stabilitech also stated that the vaccine capsules have the benefit of being inexpensive to produce and thermally stable, so can be posted direct to consumer.

Dr Jeff Drew, Stabilitech’s Chief Scientific Officer, said: “We have successfully completed construction of our adenovirus viral vector by adding COVID-19’s Spike protein DNA as a cargo. The cargo will produce proteins which will cause both mucosal and systemic immunity. Our experience in developing vaccines for emergency response means that we are able to navigate the requisite steps to ‘First In Human’ trials within weeks.”

The company stated that the oral vaccine capsule is fast and easy to manufacture, distribute and use. It will now begin growing the viral vector in multiple large and small bioreactors to meet possible future demand for the thermally stable adjuvant free oral capsule.

Wayne Channon, Executive Chair of the company, said: “The vaccine capsule could be posted out or delivered by, for example, Amazon or Alibaba as it does not require cold storage, which reduces the logistical challenges of vaccine distribution that we witnessed during the Ebola outbreak, particularly in the last mile. Stabilitech’s vision is that our vaccines will not require health care workers to inject people putting themselves at risk of exposure, people will not incur needle stick injury and they will not be placed in close proximity to sick patients in health care settings, exposing all parties to further risk.”

3 responses to “Novel thermally-stable COVID-19 vaccine capsule developed”

  1. Antony Bartram says:

    Heard nothing, looks like the jab has won the day

  2. Antony Bartram says:

    why is their very little reported on this.
    How are the trials going and are people needed for trials in u.k.?
    if so what does the trials involve?
    regards tony

  3. John W Overman says:

    Is this the vaccine for corvid-19 virus if it is why isn’t it publish and known about. When will it be available to the public and the doctors and healthcare providers?

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