Novel cannabinoid formula could be used as a cancer treatment

The developers of the novel formulation, containing the cannabinoids CBDV and CBGA, now intend to test the clinical safety and efficacy of its anti-cancer activity.

cannabis leaves and oils
containers of cannabics branded CBGA capsules

CBGA Capsules [credit: Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.].

A company developing personalised cannabinoid medicine for treating cancer and its side effects, has announced that it has completed pre-clinical development of a novel formula to treat gastrointestinal cancer.

According to Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc., the formulation contains the cannabinoids CBDV and CBGA, which have demonstrated anti-tumour activity in pre-clinical studies. CBDV and CBGA have no psychoactive effect, so patients can be treated without intoxication, even at high doses. The company now intends to examine the clinical safety and efficacy of the formula.

The enterprise leverages novel drug screening tools, including high-throughput screening, to create cannabinoid-based cancer therapies that are somewhat specific to a patient’s profile, with the goal of making cannabinoids useful as cancer therapies.