New medicines manufacturing centre to enhance UK talent

Part of the £650 million ‘Life Sci for Growth’ funding package announced in May 2023, £5.5 million is set to deliver a new UK Medicines Manufacturing Skills Centre of Excellence to boost the skills of talent in the life sciences sector.

New medicines manufacturing centre to enhance UK talent and skills

The UK government is investing £5.5 million to establish a Medicines Manufacturing Skills Centre of Excellence.

The centre will help the UK life sciences sector to have the right talent to drive innovation to support the UK in its response to future health emergencies. It will build on existing infrastructure and best practice, and deliver sustainable, end-to-end training provision.

Enhancing talent in pharmaceutical manufacturing

“Talent and skills are fundamental to successful innovation and industry growth. This investment will strengthen the UK’s medicines manufacturing skills and training ecosystem and make a real difference to the talent and skills pipeline for UK business innovation,” declared Sarah Goulding, Executive Director for Healthy Living and Agriculture Domain at Innovate UK.

This newly announced grant is part of the £650 million ‘Life Sci for Growth’ funding package launched in May 2023. As part of a total of 10 different policies, the package includes up to £48 million of new money for scientific innovation to prepare the UK for potential health emergencies in the future.

Importance of the new medicines manufacturing centre for the life sciences sector

Minister of State at the Department for Science for Innovation and Technology, George Freeman MP stated that “… it is only possible for the sector to stay at the front of an accelerating global race if they have a world-class workforce at their disposal.”

“investment in a centre of excellence to attract, retain and develop talent throughout the UK will enhance Britain’s standing as the best location globally for innovative medicines manufacturing,” commented Steve Bates OBE, Chief Executive Officer of the UK BioIndustry Association.

Last month in late August 2023, another round of funding to help boost the UK medicines manufacturing sector and support innovation in the biopharma industry was announced.

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