Product Hub: Charles River’s Endosafe®-Nexus™

Posted: 22 October 2013 | | No comments yet

Alan Hoffmeister, Global Field Technical Manager for the Endotoxin and Microbial Detection Division, Charles River, discusses the Endosafe®-Nexus™…

Charles River's Endosafe®-Nexus™

Charles River’s Endosafe®-Nexus™

Founded in 1947 in Boston, Massachusetts, Charles River is now one of the world’s most recognised drug research and development companies. The company has a number of endotoxin detection and microbial testing products on the market, including the portable handheld Endosafe®-PTS™ and the multi-cartridge Endosafe®-MCS™ and Charles River is now pioneering the Endosafe®-Nexus™, a fully-automated rapid LAL testing system.

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