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Multivariate data analytical techniques (MVA)



Portable NIR sensors in medicinal plant quality control

22 February 2022 | By , ,

In the quest for fast and reliable ingredient analysis, Christian W Huck, Krzysztof B Bec and Justyna Grabska from the Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry at the University of Innsbruck, consider the use of portable NIR spectroscopy, comparing the results from standard and miniaturised sensors.


Implementing chemometrics in late stage development and manufacturing

26 April 2012 | By Geir Rune Flåten, former Chemometrician Leader in Global Manufacturing and Supply at GlaxoSmithKline

Chemometrics was defined as a research area in 1974 and developed rapidly through the following decades in parallel with the fast paced improvement in analytical technologies and computational power for lab instruments and sensors. Chemometrics is essentially the translation of measured signals characterising a sample or a process into meaningful…


Real-time NIR monitoring of pharmaceutical blending processes with multivariate quantitative models

9 October 2009 | By Dr. Nicolas Abatzoglou, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Chemical & Biotechnological Engineering of the Université de Sherbrooke; Pierre-Philippe Lapointe-Garant, PAT Scientist and Jean-Sébastien Simard, Technical Services, both Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Process analytical technology (PAT) initiatives are now an integral part of developmental efforts in the pharmaceutical industry. Many technical and scientific papers and even dedicated sections appear regularly in several pharmaceutical manufacturing publications. They may be part of a quality by design (QbD) project to better identify and understand critical…