Issue #4 2014 – Digital edition

Posted: 5 September 2014 |

In Issue #4 2014: Protein Expression, Multivariate Data Analysis, Informatics in-depth focus, Particle Sizing, Lean Manufacturing, NIR In-depth focus, X-Ray Fluorescence and much more…

European Pharmaceutical Review - Issue 4 2014
  • Foreword: Can HPLC assay methods really be considered quality critical tests?
    David Elder, GlaxoSmithKline and JPAG
  • Protein Expression: Engineering cells and proteins – creating pharmaceuticals
    Marco Casteleijn and Dominique Richardson, University of Helsinki
  • Multivariate Data Analysis: The flexibility of regularisation processes for multivariate calibration maintenance
    John H. Kalivas, Idaho State University
  • In-Depth Focus: Informatics
    Featuring articles from Brittany Melton at the University of Kansas and John Trigg from phaseFour Informatics
  • Particle Sizing: Particle characterisation in drug delivery
    Driton Vllasaliu and Ishwar Singh, University of Lincoln
  • Lean Manufacturing: Lean, Six Sigma, people and organisations
    Stephen McGrath, Teva Pharmaceuticals Ireland (TPI)
  • In-Depth Focus: NIR
    Featuring articles from José Manuel Amigo at the Department of Food Science from the University of Copenhagen, Milad Rouhi Khorasani and Jukka Rantanen from the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen, Poul Bertelsen from Tekada Pharma A/S (page 51), and Lizbeth Martinez from Novartis Switzerland
  • X-Ray Fluorescence: Novel methodologies for determining the mineral content of complex multivitamin tablets
    Ryan Gosselin, Nicolas Abatzoglou and Philip Quinn (Process Analytical Sciences Group, Pfizer Canada), at the Pfizer Industrial Research Chair from the University of Sherbrooke, Joanny Salvas and Jean-Sébastien Simard from the Process Analytical Sciences Group at Pfizer Canada

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